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Custom packaging for Vape Juice Boxes should be durable to protect the Juice and tempting enough at the same time to attract the customers. Vape Juice Packaging should have relevant information about the flavor and Usage directions for the customers. Our focus is on designing and printing Vape Juice packaging matching your preferences at affordable prices!

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Dimension (L + W + H) Available in All Sizes (L + W + H)
Quantities Starts from 50 to Unlimited
Paper Stock n/a
Printing Offset (CMYK – PMS), Screen Printing, Digital
Finishing Gloss, Matte, Spot UV, Aqueous Coating
Included Options Die Cutting, Gluing, Scoring, Perforation
Additional Options Die-cut PVC Window, Gold Foil, Silver Foil, Rose Gold Foil, Embossing, De-bossing
Proof Digital Proof with 3D Mockup
Turnaround Regular (6 to 8 Business Days to ship), Expedite (4 to 6 Business Days to ship)
Shipping Flat Ship (Free Shipping UK, USA, Canada)


Eye-catching Custom Vape Juice Boxes has made it easier to acquire eye-catching Custom Vape Juice Boxes. Due to the growing popularity of vaping, boxes for packing vape juice are in high demand. Manufacturers adore getting their e-liquid in packaging with visually appealing layouts and styles. Since e-liquid is enjoyed equally by people from all socioeconomic backgrounds, it is important to make it in the most flexible packaging possible. Your goal as a manufacturer is to pack your vape juice in the best possible customized product packaging.

We provide custom vape product Boxes at in a wide range of possibilities for forms and sizes. Our only goal is to fulfill the requirements for fluid and accessories for vape products. We frequently choose eye-catching, distinctive, and vibrant colors that will surely catch the observer’s attention, even if he has no intention of buying your item. When choosing hues that reflect the vision and mission of your company, we take no shortcuts. Represent the major characteristics of the product in the box while doing so. It will improve your product’s exposure on the shelves and brand recognition.

Enjoy Our Custom Printed Vape Juice Bottle Boxes produces custom-printed Vape juice Boxes with various uses and features. You can select the actual item packaging and printing style you prefer. Our professionals know how to provide the best qualities for vape juice and CBD Packaging products! No matter what option you choose, the greatest price, the quickest turnaround time, the highest quality of the article, forms, and positionings, as well as their finishing extras, will always be present if you want to get the best results. You are welcome to discuss any unusual requirements you may have with our team of professionals. Our programmers and designers are renowned for their commitment and ability to remain happy once they receive their boxes.

Eco-friendly vape juice bottle boxes

Currently, boosting their brand name and a specific increase in sales are major concerns for international companies that produce and distribute vape juice items and accessories. If you identify as one of these, we advise you not to worry as you can easily proclaim brand boost through environmentally friendly vape juice bottle boxes. Customer satisfaction will be the primary driver of that boot, closely tied to their concern for the atmosphere they breathe in. Most people today prefer not to buy products not packaged in environmentally friendly materials. They adore buying items packaged in Kraft or a comparable material since they know that doing so will not affect the environment. This is a great way to draw in ecologically conscious customers.

Portray the True Image of Your Product to Customers Through Distinctive made Vape Juice Boxes.

When it comes to selecting basics for vaping off the shelves, smokers are extremely selective. They typically choose goods housed in boxes depicting the package’s contents. So even just being unique makes waves in the sea of me-too vape product vendors. Are you attempting to draw attention to your goods among consumers? Do you want to take your boxes’ appealing appearances one step further? Utilizing custom-made packaging, rapidly persuade people to purchase your goods by elegantly and professionally outlining all the vital details about your vape liquids. By including the PG and VG information, the health warning, and the volume information, you can make these boxes serve as identifiers for your nicotine-free smoking liquids and help smokers choose your product easily. Don’t stop there; get clients’ attention by including an FDA compliance message, eye-catching visuals, and your brand’s logo on these specially-made vape juice bottles. This will persuade them that the product is ideal for them. By partnering with The CBD Boxes, you can use these boxes to paint a complete picture of your product in customers’ minds or offer custom vape juice boxes that our designers expertly design to enhance your brand’s presence in smokers’ eyes and give your product a distinctive identity in this fiercely competitive market. To achieve exceptional aesthetics, you can also take advantage of our free design assistance from our designers. You can also use our high-quality printing tools to acquire the same results on customer-printed vape juice boxes.

Vape Juice, also known as E-Liquid, is a flavored liquid that is converted into vapor using Vapes. Vape Juice mainly consists of food-grade substances and nicotine extracted from tobacco plants. Vaping has come a long way, and with the rise of Vape Mod Kits and Vape Tanks, E-liquid developed into a different industry. Different Vape Juice/E-liquid companies manufacture different kinds of liquids with different substances composition. Buyers can choose whichever option they prefer.

Now that Vape Juice manufacturing has become a growing business, how can you ensure your brand stands out among the competitors? The first and most important step towards promoting your brand is marketing. Different marketing techniques, such as advertisements, sales, and coupons, can be used.

Most new vaping customers go with the brand that displays the most detailed information about their product. However, custom packaging is among the most effective promotional methods that are, sadly, often overlooked. Custom CBD Boxes for Vape Juice should be printed with enticing designs and important information about the flavor being offered. Communicating with your target audience via text on your boxes can be very effective.

Professional in Vape Juice Boxes 

With increased competition in the Vape Juice market, you should avail professional printing services with experience in the industry. The CBD Boxes has a team of professional packaging experts who can help you achieve the best result for your Vape product boxes. By utilizing the skills of our design team and state-of-the-art printing equipment, our goal is to offer attractive Custom CBD Boxes that can attract customers at first glance. Give us a call today to place your order online and have the boxes shipped right to your doorstep.

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